Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I finally got to use my pea pod set that I ordered from I love it!

Okay, this was a 3 week old beautiful girl that I had the pleasure of photographing. I have been wanting another baby for a couple years now. This just reinforced it for me, she was so sweet! I just loved holding her! She had a wonderful disposition, she wasn't really too easily bothered by things. We kept moving her around and usually just when she had dozed off to sleep. She had to be feed once to induce the sleepy milk coma, but all in all she was a great newborn.
What made this session all the more special was that only a month ago, I had photographed this family while this little beauty was still in the womb! It was so neat to see her out in the world.

Big brother looks so serious here, but I love it because he wanted to hold her, and just grabbed her from mom and took this picture. I'm sure he'll be a great big brother to his little sister.

I love this sleepy baby face! She has the prettiest lips, aren't they "picture perfect"?

Here's two of the token feet shots. With the parents wedding bands for size perspective.

How sweet!

I love the sleepy baby in the pea pod!

Thanks to this family for allowing me to photograph you once again! I look forward to seeing both kids grow!

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