Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Little Prince

This is a very sweet boy, I have nick named him the little Prince, because his name reminds me of a famous Disney Prince. He was a true sweet heart, and I loved photographing him. He made me laugh with his infectious giggle. In the above picture he is wearing his great grandfather's baby outfit.
Here he is modeling a beautiful blue sweater that his mom made him! It is so cute! It's even got silver whale buttons.
A sweet moment between mom and son.

He's not quite ready to stand on his own yet, so at this stage he still needs a little help from mom.
What a sweet face!

I love this one, because his mom was slowly scratching his back to soothe him, he was getting worn out at this point. His mom knew just what to do. He loved this!

I love this photo of mom and baby.
Rubber ducky, which he loved to chew on!
Everything goes in the mouth at this age!

I loved this guy, I hope to see him many more times!

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