Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The "L" Family

I photographed this family yesterday. I just loved this family! The kids were really good. The nine month old, as expected had to be worked with in spurts, as they don't really go for sitting in one place for too long. The five year old was super good, she loved taking photos, and had some suggestions a few times. She eventually had enough, but never complained!

She brought her American Girl doll along, which I thought was so cute. It's nice to bring along something they are really into right now. She really loves her doll, and told me all about her trip to the American Girl Doll Store.
What an amazing thing! We actually got everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the camera! That's an accomplishment!

I love this, cause it was totally spontaneous! Baby wasn't really happy, and mom suggested that dad should swing baby upside down, because he liked that! Well, I kept snapping, and we got this! I just think it's too funny! Oh, and they take a photo of him with the monkey every month to show his growth. That's why monkey is there.
Love this, cause it was spontaneous as well. Big sister just decided to pull brother in and kiss him! He didn't really love it, but I thought it was awfully sweet of her.

He loved to put things in his mouth, and this train would keep him happy.
I know, it's a sad face, but look how cute he is! I love that pouty lip!
Nine month olds like to grab things, so this wasn't the easiest pose to get. Putting his letters in front of him, was far too tempting. I did get some other good shots, but I love this one, because it really shows his stage in development. Grabby, grabby guy!

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